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All breed/Specialty 

$110.00- All Class Animals 
$130.00- Special 
$150.00-Ringside Handling

(Expense will be applied)

*Please email for full details regarding more information*

Futurities/Maturities $150.00
Westminster KC $1500.00
M&E $500.00 + Expense
Orlando $200.00 + Expense
National Specialties: Email for rates

Schedule: Schedule is subject to change! Emails will be sent out to owners but they are responsible for keeping track of changes. I will make my best effort to notify owners as soon as possible when I know exactly what shows I will be attending. Most shows close two weeks in advance on Wednesday at noon.

$18 per day (short hair)dog actively showing.
$24 per day (long hair) dog actively showing
$22 per day (short hair) not actively showing. 
$26 per day (long hair) not actively showing.

$150.00 Additional puppy/show training for the first month + board.

*Owner must provide all food, supplements and medications. Owner will be billed if handler needs to restock any of the above.*

Grooming: There is no additional fee for “fluff/prep” grooming, it is included in handling fee unless dog is in need of extra care grooming (de- matting or excess trimming - an additional $30).

Rates: Rates
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